Curriculum vitae


Born: Seattle, Washington, USA; May 22, 1929
Died: Seattle, Washington, USA; November 12, 2012

Status: Canadian and U.S. citizen; married to Katherine Watada Wurfel, three children


University of the Philippines, 1947-48

San Diego State College, 1946-47, 1949-50; BA in Political Science, 1950

University of California at Berkeley, 1950-51; MA in Political Science, 1953

Cornell University, 1951-53, 1957-59; PhD in Government and Asian Studies, 1960

Teaching Experience:

International Christian University, Tokyo. Instructor, Asst. Prof. in Political Science, Sept. 1959 – July 1962; Visiting Assoc. Prof., April – June 1965; Professor, 1993 – 95.

University of Missouri, Columbia. Asst. Prof. of Political Science, 1962 – 1964; Assoc. Prof., 1964 – 1968.

University of Singapore. Fulbright Visiting Lecturer in Political Science, June 1964 – March 1965.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Visiting Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, 1966 – 67.

International University of Japan. Visiting Lecturer, Sept. – Dec. 1984.

University of Windsor. Assoc. Prof. of Asian Studies, 1968-69; Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, 1969 – 72; University Research Professor, 1990; Professor, 1972-93; Professor Emeritus, 1994 – .

Institute of International Relations, Hanoi. Visiting Lecturer, Jan. – April 1997 (under auspices of Program for International Studies in Asia, supported by Ford Foundation.)

University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Visiting Prof. of Political Science, Jan. – April 1998.

University of Hawaii at Manoa. Andrews Distinguished Visiting Prof. of Asian Studies, Jan. – May 2002.

Courses Taught:

Second Year

Introduction to International Relations

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Politics of the Third World

Third/ Fourth Year

Political Development

Case Studies in Conflict and Conflict Resolution

The Middle East in Conflict

Politics of Southeast Asia

Foreign Policies in Southeast Asia

Political and Socio-Economic Development in the Philippines

Japanese Politics

Japan-Southeast Asian Relations

(Plus various graduate seminars)

Other Academic Appointments and Professional Responsibilities:

International Christian University. Chair, University Library Committee, 1960-62.

University of Missouri. Chair, Committee on Asian Studies, 1965-66.

Peace Corps. Asst. Director, Training Program for Thailand, Columbia, Mo., Fall 1965.

Mid-America Assembly. Asst. Director for Program, “The United States and Japan”, Columbia, Mo., April 1966.

Fairlane Assembly. Co-Director for Program, “The United States and the Philippines”, Dearborn, Michigan, Nov. 1966.

Iona College, University of Windsor. Board of Directors, 1970-78; Chair, Program Committee, 1971-73; Co-chair, “Peace Education in the 1970s”, Nov. 1971, co-sponsored by Center for Teaching about Peace and War (CTPW), Wayne State University; Co-chair, “China: New US and Canadian Perspectives, March 1972, co-sponsored by CTPW; Co-chair, “Development and Justice”, March 1973, co-sponsored by Canadian Council of Churches and Canadian Catholic Conference, with CIDA support.

University of Windsor. Senate Executive, l970-72; Chair, Senate Committee on Integrated Studies, 1970-73; Senate Committee on Review of Tenure, 1971-72.

Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, Singapore. Visiting Fellow, May-Aug., 1970.

Canadian Institute of International Affairs. Chair, Windsor Branch, 1972-73.

Institute of Philippines Studies, Ateneo de Manila University. Visiting Research Fellow, 1961, 1974-76.

Australian National University. Visiting Fellow, Dept. of Political and Social Change, Research School of Pacific Studies, March-June 1983.

University of Michigan. Associate, Center for South & Southeast Asian Studies, 1983-93.

Waseda University, Tokyo. Visiting Foreign Scholar, Social Science Institute, 1984-85.

University of Toronto. Visitor, Department of Political Science, Sept.-Dec. 1990.

Institute for Popular Democracy, Quezon City. Visiting Research Fellow, 1991, 1999

York University/University of Toronto. Executive Committee, Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies, 1986-1988; Senior Research Associate, 1995-2002.

York University. York Centre for Asian Research, Senior Research Associate, 2002-

Volunteer Work:

Member, Board of Directors, SANE: Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, 1966-68

Election Observer, South Vietnam, September 1967, for United Methodist Church

Candidate of NDP for Member of Parliament, Essex-Kent riding, 1980

Member, Asia Advisory Committee, United Church of Canada, 1980-86

Member representing United Church of Canada, Ecumenical Delegation to Vietnam, May 1986

Member, Board of Directors, Third World Resource Centre, Windsor, Ont., 1985-1993

“Out of the Cold” [for homeless], Trinity-St.Paul United Church, Toronto, weekly volunteer, fall and winter, 1996-2006

Chair, Homelessness Action Group, Toronto, 1999-2004

Observer with International Federation for East Timor-Observer Project, accredited to UN for East Timor referendum, Dili, Aug. 15-Sept. 5, 1999.

Member, Asia Committee, Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, 2003-2006

Chair, Canadian Friends of Sabeel-Toronto, 2003-05

Member, Task Group for Ethical Investment in the Middle East, Toronto Conference, United Church of Canada, 2006-

Fellowships and Grants:

Cornell University, Southeast Asia Fellow, 1951-53, 1957-58.

Ford Foundation, Research Fellow in the Philippines and SE Asia, 1955-56.

Social Science Research Council, Faculty Research Grant, for research on Philippine political elite, 1961.

Canada Council, Research Grant, for research on Singapore political elite, 1970.

Canada Council, Research Grant and Leave Fellowship, for research on Philippine and Thai agrarian policy, 1974, 1975-76.

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC), Bilateral Exchange Grant, Japan, April-May 1982.

SSHRCC, Research Grant for study of Japan-Philippines mutual images, in Japan and the Philippines, 1983-85.

SSHRCC, Small Conference Grant for “Political Economy of Foreign Policy in SE Asia”, Windsor, Ont., 1987.

Canadian Institute of International Peace and Security, Grant for Panel on Indochina Conflict at Windsor conference, 1987.

CIIPS, Travel Grant for Academic Delegation to Vietnam, 1988.

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Grant in Support of Publication of Political Economy of Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia, 1988.

Canada-ASEAN Centre, Research Grant for study of Philippine presidential elections, May 1992.

Canada-ASEAN Centre and SSHRCC, Conference Grants for “ Political Economy of SE Asia in the New World Order”, Windsor, October 1992.

SSHRCC, Research Grant for study of obstacles to implementation of agrarian policy, in Vietnam and the Philippines, 1990-1992.

PAC 2000, Department of External Affairs, Canada, Project Grant for assisting Hanoi University to establish a Department of Political Science, 1993-96.

Ministry of Education, Japan, Research Grant for study of Japanese NGOS active in SE Asia, 1994-96.

Canadian Embassy, Hanoi, Canada Fund Grant for purchase of Political Science books for Hanoi University, 1995-2002.

Academic Associations:

Association for Asian Studies, Committee on Undergraduate Asian Studies, 1963-64; Comm. on Research Materials in SE Asia, 1969-1971; Board of Directors and SE Asia Regional Council, 1974-76.

Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, Program Chair, 1968; Vice President, 1969; President, 1970.

Canadian Council on SE Asia Studies, Founding Chair, 1973-75.

Canadian Society for Asian Studies, Chair, Constitutional Drafting Committee, 1969; Executive Committee, 1975-78; Program Chair, 1978; President, 1978-80.

Canadian Asian Studies Association [merger of CSAS and Canadian Association of South Asian Studies], President, 1980-81; Program Chair, 1988.

Selected Publications:

‘The Philippine Rice Share Tenancy Act’ , Pacific Affairs, March 1954.

“Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Vietnam”, Far Eastern Survey, June 1957.

“Philippine Agrarian Reform under Magsaysay”, FES, Jan. and Feb. 1958.

“The Philippines” in Governments and Politics in Southeast Asia, George Kahin, ed. (Cornell University Press, 1959; revised ed., 1964)

“Foreign Aid and Social Reform in Political Development: A Philippine Case Study”, American Political Science Review, June 1959.

“Trade Union and Labor Relations Policy in the Philippines”, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, July 1959.

“Some Notes on the Political Role of Labor Movements: A Philippine Case Study”, ICU Journal of Social Science, June 1960.

‘The Violent and the Voiceless in Japanese Politics’ , Contemporary Japan, Nov. 1960.

“Chinese Representation in the United Nations: A Proposal”, Christian Century, Oct. 4, 1961.

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Review article on Kahin and Lewis, The United States in Vietnam, in The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Feb. 1968.

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Selected Special Lectures and Unpublished Papers:

“The Philippine Political Elite”, lecture in Seminar on the Philippines, SE Asia Program, Cornell University, Oct. 1962.

“Education and the Political Elite: Japan, Korea and the Philippines”, paper, Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, Philadelphia, March 1963.

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